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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Persian Immortal Army

The Persian Immortals were a Persian elite Royal Guard active during the Achaemenid Period. Much of our information about the Immortals is from the depictions of the Greek "historian" Herodotus during the Persian Wars. He first mentions the Immortal army in his description of the battle of Thermoplyae (480 BCE), where he calls them the Athanatoi or the Ten Thousand. He describes them as :

a body of picked Persians under the leadership of Hydarnes, the son Hydarnes. This corps was known as the Immortals, because it was invariably kept up to strength; if a man was killed or fell sick, the vacancy he left was at once filled, so that the total strength of the corps was never less -and never more- than ten thousand.
Of all the troops in Persian army, the native Persians were not only the best but also the most magnificently equipped; their dress and armor I have mentioned already, but I should add that every man glittered with the gold which he carried about his person in unlimited quantity. They were accompanied, moreover, by covered carriages full of their women and servants, all elaborately fitted out. Special food, separate from that of the rest of the army, was brought along for them on dromedaries and mules. (Histories 7.83; tr. Aubrey de Selincourt)

Its been said that the regiment accepted only Median or Persian applicants. About the uniform and the equipment of the Immortals Herodotus mentioned that:

The dress of these troops consisted of the tiara, or soft felt cap, embroidered tunic with sleeves, a coat of mail looking like the scales of a fish, and trousers; for arms they carried light wicker shields, quivers slung below them, short spears, powerful bows with cane arrows, and short swords swinging from belts beside the right thigh. (Histories 7.61; tr. Aubrey de Selincourt)

Herodotus mentions that in the Thermoplylae these corps played a major role. The Greeks had blocked a narrow road along the coast and prevented the Persians from invading Greece. The Immortals however, made a detour and attacked the Greeks at the rear. The Immortals are also mentioned during the second year of the war (479 BCE), when they remain in Greece under the commandment of Mardonius.
As mentioned previously the Immortals are depicted only through the views of Herodotus. No other source mentions the name of this group of a Persian elite troop. There implications however, can be found on the coloured glazed bricks and carved reliefs at the Achaemenian capitals, such as the Palace of Artaxerxes at Susa and Persepolis. They are often represented standing stiffly at attention, each soldier's wooden spear with its silver blade and pomegranate insignia held upright and resting firmly on his toe. They wore elaborate robes and much gold jewellery. An elite 1,000 of the Immortals were further distinguished by having gold pomegranates on their spears.


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What on earth do your comments have to do with this article? Waste your energy elsewhere, and if you have come here to learn something, then do just that!!! By the way, thank you for posting this article. Allow me to add something:
Herodotus might be known to many as "the father of history", but many scholars and historians see him as "the father of lies". I only wish people understand what a great civilization Persia was and that we were nothing even close to what is depicted of Persians in the movie "300". The historical facts might be to some point accurate, but Persians never looked like that and they were known to be "civilized". Thank you.

5:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hold on, before anyone believes this fool, look at his grammar skills.-- "the father of lies".-- Persians were never known to be civilized, they slaughtered villages and towns and hung them on trees, threw them all over a cliff, just made them slaves. Some facts from the movie are not so accurate, i admit it, but one thing is true. It was 300 spartans versus 1,000,000 Persians. Yet there forces were held back by this small unit, some great civilization.

4:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

get lost you fucking a...hole know nothing about history and u're proud of a bloody fiction movie...go and watch "engineering an empire (the persians)" and then you can come here and talk about civilization, go to sleep it's too late for you dicky!!!!

8:41 PM  
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Yas raps about Persian poets, grandparents, and the history of Iran. One of his most popular cuts, "My Identity," was in response to the movie 300, about the famous battle at Thermopylae between the Spartans of Greece and the so-called Persian immortals. "The Greeks were portrayed as heroic, innocent, and civilized," Yas said. "The Persians were shown as ugly savages with a method of fighting that was unfair." The movie set off a tirade from Iranians here and abroad, who experienced it as a cultural attack. In defense, Yas rapped about Persepolis and Cyrus but also chastised his fellow citizens for resting on the laurels of greatness past.

An irony is that the Islamic revolution—at times referred to here as the "second Arab invasion"—appears to have strengthened the very ties to antiquity that it tried so hard to sever; it has roused that part of the national identity that remains connected to the idea, memorialized in places like Persepolis and Pasargadae, of Iranians as direct descendants of some of the world's most ancient continuous people. A civil engineer named Hashem told me of a recent impromptu celebration at Cyrus's tomb. People text messaged each other on their cell phones, and a couple of thousand "coincidentally" showed up, buying multiple entrance tickets to support restoration of the tomb. The celebration was informal. No speeches, no ceremony. "Just to honor Cyrus and show solidarity."


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you people are all ridiculous. Who cares about 300? That isn't anything like the Persians actually were. However, it is an entertaining film, and is quite hilarious in some parts. Why can't we all just live in peace. Stupid people, your not even argueing about anything important.

9:48 AM  
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tnx for the article but i should say that yes Herodotus is father of offense but we can say father of imaginary stories because he wasn't living at the time of those events and wrote based on other sources so we can't call him father of history.and by the way did u say Persians have no civilization????????? !!!!!!!!!
where on earth r u living?!!
i dont want to blame u.u dont know anything about Persian history so plz do not talk when u r not informed.Persians had the greatest civilization on earth.they attacked villages and destroyed them???!!!based on what source u r talkin.Persians took Babylon without killing even one chicken. they didn't even touch the king or queen and they respected them.people used to worship Persian kings as gods.Persians hang people on trees???i don't know about Greece but persians didnt even start attacking a country(before u name me those imaginary wars go read some real books because they all were for revenge).we threw them over a cliff?!!r u ok?persians issued the first human right charter 2500 years ago(now u r proving that all u know is based on movies).we made them slaves???!!!come to Persepolis and u will c the treaty between the foreigner workers and persian employers.they even had insurance while u took ur countrymen as slaves.and C'MON be rational 300 vs 1000000??!!r u ok?IF we suppose Herodotus as a true historian(which is not) do u believe it?i'll be glad to give u information but plz have some study and readings before u say something.that's more wise(persian way)

8:45 AM  
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